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MoKS presents:

AVAMAA 2012- Building Moksville

AVAMAA is a unique symposium for art and ideas hosted every summer by MoKS, an artist run organization and residency center in the rural village of Mooste Estonia. AVAMAA encourages creative interventions in the local context and the exchange of ideas through the platform of a living workshop. AVAMAA roughly translates as 'open land'. The central idea for AVAMAA 2012 is to create a temporary "village" or camp we call Moksville, out of affordable recyclable and locally sourced materials. Like every village or temporary community we need to prepare the site, develop a social atmosphere, range of activities that will give it life, and then build the structures that will give it a physical form. For this we are seeking Artists, Architects, Designers and Makers of all types to participate.

The temporary Moksville will be constructed by five separate teams whose projects are selected from an open submission call (details below). Each team is responsible for the design and construction of their own structure as well as a defining a purpose for what their structure is used for. Each team gets a standard KIT of building materials and tools to construct their temporary structure. The final weekend of AVAMAA will be a full time exhibition of all the structures and their function. The aim is create the temporary village of Moksville out of unique architectural structures each with a special purpose developed by its creators. The submission deadline for project proposals is April 15th, 2012. Selections will be made by May 1st, 2012.

The site of Moksville is part of the former apple orchard in Mooste which is currently under discussion for being the location of a future "ecovillage". Most of the orchard will be rented as a grazing ground for sheep throughout the summer. The site has no running water or electricity. Porta-pottys or eco-toilets will be provided for sanitation.

The coordination base for AVAMAA is MoKS and and its team. MoKS will provide food and housing for all the participants. This includes breakfast and dinner and a mattress. While we are able to house the participants at MoKS, camping is also encouraged. There is plenty of camping space around MoKS and also on the Moksville site itself.

Participants must cover their own travel expenses and bring a sleeping bag (and tent if you wish to camp).

Keywords: self-organized cultures, camp, temporary structures, recycled materials, content forms, coordination, temporary community, local resources, experimental architecture, interdisciplinarity, research habitats, open systems, rural environments, hive mentality